Welcome to Lost in Nature!

I was talking to a friend a few weeks back, trying to describe a trail I had recently hiked. Of course, as all of us do these days, I pulled out my phone and started frantically flipping through pictures to help show her what exactly it was like. But after five minutes or so (yeah…I have that many pictures), she had already given up on waiting and I lost the conversation to my feeble technology know how.

I then had a brilliant idea: why not start a scrapbook? If I had had such a thing, I could of shown her instantly every detail about the hike. It’s length, location, elevation change, a few key pictures, etc. How awesome would that be?

And then I started thinking, I would have to buy a scrapbook size starter kit. I would have to spend hours in the arts and crafts shop. I would have to use scissors and glue. I would have to get creative with page design. I would have to improve my hand writing. I would have to….oh, you get the point. That idea soon fizzled with the ever expanding tasks that I continued to list out.

But I didn’t want to give up the whole thing, not just yet. You see, I have this unquenchable desire to still log my hikes and travels. I not only love seeking my adventures but I love sharing them, too. There is not much fun in keeping all of the beautiful sites this world has to offer for my eyes only.

Blogging. That’s how I would do it!

So here we are. I’ve started this site to share with you my intrepid journeys. While most of them will be kept to the mountains, you may find a few others tucked in between filled with sand or skylines. Feel free to leave me your comments or maybe even some insight to something I have missed as we start on this journey.

Look for the first post to come soon!



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