Trail Name/No.: Brainard Lake via Waldrop Trail #814 (winter entry)
Starting Temp: 20deg F
Ending Temp: NR – sub 32deg F
Weather Conditions: Sunny with occasional light snow showers
Mileage: approx. 5 mile out and back
Elevation Gain: 882ft
Peak: 10500ft
Visit Time: January 2013
Nearest City Marker: Nederland, CO

Brainard Lake
A beautiful snow capped peak in the distance.
Brainard Lake


Hiking at the Brainard Lake Recreation Area in the winter starts at the Gateway Trailhead lot. Being at such a high elevation, most of the trail is covered in several feet of snow requiring snowshoes or cross-country skis to get around. This is a great winter hike and provides some excellent views of the surrounding peaks of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Most of the trail moves through pines following a clear  snow-walled path with a gradual incline. Snowshoeing is a lot of work  as some of you might know, but the reward is great here with a picturesque look at Brainard Lake set in a winter wonderland.



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