Trail Name/No.: Gateway Open Mesa
Starting Temp: 73deg F
Ending Temp: 73deg F
Weather Conditions: Sunny 
Mileage: approx. 1.8 mile loop
Elevation Gain: 340ft
Peak: 6522ft
Visit Time: October 2014
Nearest City Marker: Castle Rock, CO

Trail around rocky surfaces.
Trail through grasslands.
Cliffs along southeastern edge.


Colorado offers several public places that have parks and trails that are called Open Spaces. One of the several found in Douglas County just off the front range is Gateway Open Mesa. This trail is a very easy hike (all levels) with a steady surface through grasslands and rocky outcrops atop a mesa. Several sections of the trail give fantastic views of Pikes Peak and the entire Rampart and Front Range peaks on a clear day. If you are in the mood for a longer like, there is an extension off of the Gateway Open Mesa called the Mitchell Creek Canyon Trail. Follow the cairns in order to properly find your way – but if you are feeling adventurous – off the trail a ways can offer great cliff views like the one featured above. Keep in mind that this trail takes place atop a mesa so shade is sparse and a good hat is advised. Do also be wary of rattlesnakes which are fairly common in the summer months.


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