Trail Name/No.: Devil’s Head
Starting Temp: 55deg F
Ending Temp: NR 
Weather Conditions: Sunny with scattered clouds
Mileage: approx. 2.96 mile out and back
Elevation Gain: 1018ft
Peak: 9489ft
Visit Time: October 2013
Nearest City Marker: Sedalia, CO

Tornado damage at the start of the trail.
Typical trail condition.
Trail winding through rock formations.
Fire looker’s cabin at the base of the summit.
View from the top.


This short out and back trek can be found in the Pike’s National Forest along Rampart Range Road. Though short, is does offer a great elevation gain in it’s small mileage. Starting off from the parking lot, you may notice some severe tree damage leftover from a tornado that actually touched ground just near the trail a few years ago. A rare feat by mother nature at such elevation! The trail winds through trees and around rock formations until reaching the base of the summit where the visitor will actually find a house built atop. This house is the living quarters for the Devil’s Head fire look out person(s) on watch, usually around from mid-May to mid-September. From there, a set of old wooden and steel stairs winds it’s way across a rock outcrop to the top of a tower that serves as a fire lookout for a great part of the Front Range. Great views can be seen all around the tower, sometimes all the way to Kansas and Wyoming!



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