Trail Name/No.: Beaver Brook /Chavez Trail
Starting Temp: NR – sub 32deg F
Weather Conditions: Light to heavy snow showers
Mileage: approx. 3.56 mile out and back (to valley and back)
Elevation Gain: 1202ft
Peak: 7559ft
Visit Time: November 2015
Nearest City Marker: Genesee Park, CO

Winter wonderland!
Hiking around the creek.
Our dog, leading the way!


If ever you are in the mood for opposites, Beaver Brook / Chavez might be one for you. This is one of the rare trails where you actually start at the peak and hike down. Coming right off of I-70 near the Genessee Park area, the trail begins with a Braille loop (signs and guide wire included) with information about the wildflowers and views around. At midway through the loop, the Beaver Brook trail picks up and begins an accelerated pace down into the valley towards the brook. Most of the path is heavily wooded which doesn’t offer the greatest views of the surrounding area, but does make for great shade. This trail can be taken much further than we ventured, branching all the way into the Windy Saddle Park in Golden, CO.



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