Trail Name/No.: Ring the Peak
Starting Temp: 46deg F
Ending Temp: 55deg F
Weather Conditions: Sunny with scattered clouds
Mileage: approx. 7.13 mile out and back (partial hike)
Elevation Gain: 1957ft
Peak: 10187ft
Visit Time: October 2016
Nearest City Marker: Divide, CO

One of several meadows along the way.
Typical trail condition.
Peaks in the distance.
A few rocky patches along the route.

The Ring the Peak trail is an almost complete circle that treks around the ultra-prominent Pike’s Peak at about 63 miles total. The system utilizes a widespread range of trails and backcountry roads to make the loop. For this visit, we started at the Pancake Rocks trailhead on the western side of the peak and hiked towards the north/west (counterclockwise for the loop). We find that starting early here makes for a quiet and solitary visit as most traffic is headed for the top of the pancake rocks or the Horse-thief Falls. The short section we covered offered wide open mountain meadows, short creek crossings, and several bouts through various types of pine trees.


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