Trail Name/No.: Mt Bierdstadt
Starting Temp: NR
Ending Temp: NR
Weather Conditions: Sunny with scattered clouds
Mileage: approx. 7 mile out and back
Elevation Gain: 2391ft
Peak: 14060ft
Visit Time: July 2013
Nearest City Marker: Georgetown, CO

Green lush along the slope
Alpine meadow.
Near the top
Marsh like area towards the beginning.

Mt Bierdstadt is an easier level fourteener just outside of Georgetown. Staring at the parking lot base, the trail wonders though a marsh like area and then starts its climb upwards to the top of the peak. You travel through high alpine meadows and boulder fields along the way. This trail is a popular one due to the ease of trailhead access and a shorter roundtrip trail length compared to other fourteeners. But it is still well worth the climb for the amazing view from the top. As always, when hiking fourteeners start it early, lookout for thunderstorms, and have a few practice hikes in beforehand.


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