Trail Name/No.: Moro Rock, Congress Trail, Crescent Meadow Trail (Sequoia National Park)
Starting Temp: NR
Ending Temp: NR
Weather Conditions: Sunny
Mileage: approx. 6 miles
Elevation Gain: NR
Peak: 6725ft
Visit Time: August 2016
Nearest City Marker: Fresno, CA

Hanging Rock
View out to the West from Moro Rock
View to the East from Moro Rock
Along the Congress Trail
Near the General Sherman Tree

Sequoia National Park is filled with great trails and some amazing trees. On this trip, I stayed in the Giant Forest area and started off from the Giant Forest Museum and began hiking over to Moro Rock. Wondering through a forest where everything is giant size certainly can make one feel like they are in another world altogether. After braving through some annoying swarms of gnats, I came to Moro Rock which offers a steady incline up 300 feet to a fantastic view of the valleys and mountains that lie below and around it. Climbing down, the (amazing!) bus system was used to ride to Crescent Meadow, where I hopped on a quiet trail that meandered through an entire forest filled with sequoias, new and old. Connecting with the Congress trail, I was eventually led out to the General Sherman Tree where I enjoyed a nice bench and a snack and then caught the bus back down to the Giant Forest Museum. If you are not short on time like I was, I recommend taking as many trails as possible through this area. My greatest piece of advice I can give anyone visiting this park (specially in the summer) is to do as I did: arrive when the park opens and leave when the crowds are starting to fill it up. Happy hiking!


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